Best Android Custom Rom

By | December 25, 2017

Android is full of customisation due to its open source can change its look and feel using some apps,launcher,etc.
But rather then that you can also also change the os of your particular device or flash some custom ROM.
So here we talk about some custom ROM that are out in the market.which provide some great feature and feel rather then your current os.
So here our list start,there are lots of ROM there in the market but today I tell you some of the best ROM in the market.

1.lineage os

After the dead of cyanogen os , linage os come in exitaance with there stock nature and little bits of tweaks make its favorites for all those guys who are not interested in customisation but performance wise this ROM is the best in the market

2.Resurrection remix

If you are a customiser and you like to customise thing on your android phone then this is for you.till now this is the best ROM out in the market in respect of customisation.

3.Viper os

As name suggest it is really like a viper it is fast and you also get lots of customisation option over here.A light weight ROM for your device.

4.Tesla os

This is the ROM by GROUND ZERO. from the developers there are various ROM like tipsy and Validus but my personal favourite is Tesla .bcoz it has a better stability then other.


This is a Chinese ROM come with lots of inbuilt features.if you are seaking something different from stock then that is best ROM for you.
If you want to find more awesome ROM for your device then go to xda forum and find some interesting ROM over there for your device.

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