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How to Mirror Android Screen

We need to Mirror our Android screen several time when we want to share some interesting content to all our friend or while meting or want to watch our favorite contents in big screen. so there are lots of solution out there but today i talk about one who have no ads and as well… Read More »

How to use your Android Device as a WiFi Repeater

We all faces a situation me there is a net connection but the range is not good or you go somewhere, where only your one device have access to WiFi. So for your all problem i am come with a solution, that you can share your wifi as well as you can use your android… Read More »

How to mine bitcoin on Chrome

There are lots of people who want to mine bitcoin and earn some extra money. But they dont have the Specific or in other word a high end machine so in this post i will how can you mine bitcoin from chrome.You can not mine a tone of bitcoin from this trick but ya you… Read More »