How to use Spotify in India

By | December 25, 2017

We all know spotify is the best music player. You can listen your favorite song amywhere anytime. But problem is that spotify is not working india.Due to geographical restriction.So in this post i will tell you how can you use spotify in India.

Its very simple trick using that trick you can use spotify on Android as well as IOS.

think you needed in this trick is:

1. VPN

2. Spotify App

Lets start how we use Spotify in India

  • Download Spotify.
  • Install the opera Vpn.
  • Open Opera VPN and connect to any server.
  • Open Spotify now you are able to connect via Facebook.
  • And you can start enjoying the music.

*Note: This article is entirely for educational purpose and doesn’t support violating any company’s policies.

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